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Do you need floors that will dazzle? Floors that are inspired? One-of-a-kind floors that will take your project to the next level? Vinyl has always been known as one of the most durable and cost-effective types of flooring. But today’s custom vinyl flooring also has amazing design possibilities.

Using new technologies for precision cutting, better vinyl flooring manufacturers can create large and detailed works of art on the floors of public buildings. Feature a company logo or a unique and meaningful image in a central area. With all of the various colours of vinyl available, the floor design can be as beautiful and intricate as you want.

High-resolution, vividly-coloured printing technologies can be used to create sheets of vinyl flooring that carry repeating patterns or images. Choose natural images, original art, relevant text, or corporate symbols – with custom vinyl flooring, you can get just the right effect!
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Custom vinyl flooring has almost infinite design possibilities. New technologies allow manufacturing companies to create almost any effect that a designer can imagine. In addition, better manufacturers have also developed flooring that has enhanced safety features. For example, if you are designing a healthcare centre, a medical office, or a seniors’ facility, you may want to install flooring that has built-in anti-microbial properties. This innovative product uses microscopic particles of silver to prevent the spread of bacteria, mould, mildew, and fungus.


Better manufacturers also offer products that meet or exceed international standards for slip resistance. Products are tested under various conditions to ensure that they provide as much safety as possible.


Vinyl is also one of the most durable materials available. Able to withstand heavy traffic, water, and humidity, vinyl flooring will last longer than almost any other flooring material. And, of course, vinyl is very easy to care for.

The content of this article is too diverse. The anti-microbial properties are very different from the Custom printed flooring topic. Both should be explored independently.


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